Lugagoon Cave

Surface Features: River Bend
Flow: High after rainfall, mild flow at bottom restriction during Jul dives.

Water Temp ? Surface: 24° – At depth: 24°

Visibility – Surface: 4m – At depth: 7m

Known depth: 45m Known penetration: 50m+.

Very good potential to continue into mountain. Small but negotiable passage with backmounted twins, would be better with sidemounts and droppable stage for continued exploration. Flow is negotiable by finning/easy rock finger-walking

Bacteria cloud present? No.

Crustaceans? Two fish types identified

Thermocline? Yes Depth About 14m

Salinity layering? Yes Depth NK Details Saline main passage, fresh in outflow at restriction

Decorations None, muddy silty floor, silt easily dislodged from ceiling during first two dives, may clear after further dives. Silt in restriction clears reasonably quickly due to its weight.

Likely cave development Spring fed high flow through muddy/soft limestone

General comments: Excellent potential for further exploration, levelling at 45m. Rebreather would be ideal for this site if roof doesn?t close down any more than the 1.2m at the restriction. Very crumbly rock at entrance and within larger profile of cave, improving as the cave closes down. No better surface access possible than this site, very friendly and helpful locals abound.

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