Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is an island chain lying between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu in the SW Pacific Ocean. Although predominantly volcanic in origin, these tropical islands have their fair share of limestone. Ocean caves have been dived by tourists visiting the dive resorts, but there has been limited efforts recorded by cave divers. One area known to have ocean cave diving is Munda in the Western Provinces. With the exception of one cave, they remain poorly documented and await proper surveying and recording.

Munda is a town in the Western Provinces where the Solomon Sea Divers are based. They have two ocean dives that are suitable for qualified cave divers, The Cave of the Custom Shark and Matiana Cave.

Our thanks to Neil & Lyn Vincent for their excellent map of Matiana Cave which we hope will inspire more cave divers to record their cave diving visits to the Pacific region for the benefit of those that follow.

Dive Locations in Solomon Islands

Matiana Cave

Matiana Cave has a small entrance at 32m which opens into a massive slot in the ground with speleothems on the roof and floor of a predominant ledge, which would have been a dry cave in prehistoric times. The dive operators at Solomon Sea Divers will only allow qualified cave divers to enter the site. … Continue reading Matiana Cave

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Custom Shark

The Cave of the Custom Shark is a lava tube dive that starts in the middle of small Ndokendoke Island and descends 20m down a vertical passage into a small room. The passage then traverses horizontally across and out of the island onto a tropical reef wall. The dive operators at Solomon Sea Divers will … Continue reading Custom Shark

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