Cave Diving in Vanuatu

Only relatively recently added to the list of international cave diving destinations, Vanuatu (as well as many other Pacific Islands) has excellent cave diving sites in both the ocean and fresh water.

Cave Regions

Vanua Lava
Ocean Caves

Vanuatu currently has two primary cave diving areas, the ocean caves of the East coast of Efate and the freshwater caves of Santo.

The potential for the discovery and addition of cave diving sites in Vanuatu (and many of the other Pacific Islands) is excellent. Only those prepared to do the hard yards of research and time on the ground are likely to be rewarded with discovery !! As more sites are found with easier, round-the-year access, cave diving in Vanuatu should become a Pacific Holiday Mecca for travelling technical and cave divers !!!

TrimixDivers are prepared to revisit the area to fully record and survey this extensive and magnificent area ? contact us if you want to help sponsor a trip, be a part of one or know more.

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