New South Wales

Australias Sump State – NSW, has a number of regions with diveable caves, the largest of which is the Jenolan Caves Reserve. There are many show caves that have no currently known diveable passages, while others still require proper investigation. Wellington has the only decorated cave diving site so far known on mainland Australia and Jenolans Slug Lake may be the deepest Australian cave diving site, currently at 96m and descending !! Most cave diving in NSW is conducted in low visibility, restricted passages which are often sumps connecting dry sections of the cave.

It is intended that these pages will become a repository for all information relating to the diveable caves in New South Wales, including descriptions, photos, video clips, maps and site access data-sheets. Please email TrimixDivers (use the email lighthouse) if you want more info, have additional information to share or want to be involved with future trips or expeditions.

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