South Australia

Australia’s sinkhole state, South Australia has a number of regions with diveable caves, the most famous and popular of which is Mount Gambier. This is the birthplace and domain of the Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA).
The majority of divable caves in South Australia lie in one of two clusters which are situated in the south-east corner of the state near Mount Gambier, and the far west Nullarbor area through the West Australian border. Some of the longest and biggest waterfilled caves in the world are found in these areas, and a number of smaller divable features are also found scattered across the state.

It is intended that these pages will become a repository for all information relating to the diveable caves in South Australia, including descriptions, photos, video clips, maps and site access data-sheets. Please email TrimixDivers (use the email lighthouse) if you want more info, have additional information to share or want to be involved with future trips or expeditions.

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