Lawn Hill

Lawn Hill (Boodjamulla) National Park is located 300km north of Camooweal on the Eastern edge of the Barkly Tableland – being the second largest block of limestone in Australia after the Nullarbor Plain. The creeks and rivers that run out of the Barkly Tableland limestone are all spring fed and flow all year round. The area is a beautiful place to visit and camp due to the magnificent sandstone gorges and safe swimming (no saltwater crocodiles). The Main gorge of Lawn Hill has a 30m deep pit in the middle, there are many turtles, salmon catfish and freshwater crocs to be seen. The waterfalls in the creek are actually massive Tufa dams – semi-organic calcite deposits that have built up over eons and effectively block the river from bank to bank in places – see photo of Paul Boler with Tufa Dam waterfall behind him (also see Flora River in NT for same effect).

This massive area of limestone is little explored as evidenced by the fact that Paul Boler and Paul Hosie found four previously undiscovered caves within one hour during a short walk above Lawn Hill Creek in September 2002. Two of these caves were 20m pitch vertical access entrances with cave passages leading from the bottom of them. Many more caves will be discovered in the future by those prepared to look. It is hoped that deep caves in the area will strike the water table and then we may be able to pursue the sources of the water flow ! One spring source seen in 2002 was a small efflux running out of an impenetrable horizontal bedding plane. One diveable cave is known of in the area, but until access arrangements with the traditional landowners can be arranged it is unlikely that speleologists or cave divers will be allowed near it, whether you have a permit or not. Speleo’s wishing to conduct bona fide caving in the area are recommended to visit as palaeontologists instead !!

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