Takaka Hill

The Riwaka Resurgence is an excellent site for training as it is only a 50m walk from the carpark to the resurgence pool. There is a BBQ area but unfortunately no camping is allowed.
The resurgence has been dived by various teams over the years. The first 3 sumps consist of a 15m dive, a short walk upstream, an 80m long dive, a longer ‘walk’/climb (ie. real caving), a 250 m long dive and then you can start climbing some waterfalls…

2003 Update by Dave Apperley:

Riwaka has just been pushed to sump 7 or 8 by Martin Jones and another British holidaying cave diver. These guys are serious vertical cavers. To get to the furthest point of exploration they ascended some decent size waterfalls and lugged alot of gear a fair way (I think it’s 1.6km just to sump 3 or 4).

These guys are hopefully coming on our HH trip in Feb/march 2004, and we will hopefully have a shot at pushing this cave further. It’s diving upstream and it still has 2km to go until it joins to Greenlink which would be fantastic.

See the link to the Riwaka Sign Map which shows the first two sumps. It is taken from a video still of the sign but we hope to get a better map after next year’s trip.

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Dive Locations in Takaka Hill

Riwaka Resurgence

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