Ocean Caves

The ocean on the West coast of Efate and it?s smaller islands of Eretoka, Lelepa and Moso is riddled with caves. A dive operation and quiet getaway spot on Moso Island is the best way to get you to the best sites, the other alternative being liveaboards ? but they wouldn?t know the sites as well as the locally based operator. The Vanuatu Tourism website (Tranquility Dive) has contact info ? be sure to tell them what you want or you may come away marginally disappointed.

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Dive Locations in Ocean Caves

Ocean Caves

We dived the following sites: Taj Mahal (Eretoka), Moso Caves and Bottlefish plus Tatala Caves. Although Taj Mahal was the biggest chamber with a small tunnel entrance at 18m, Tatala Caves were the most appealing from a cave diving sense as there is a maze of proper tunnels with small holes to the reef above … Continue reading Ocean Caves

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