(2017 Note this needs updating for new website)

To make it easier to find things we have added the most common things here;
There is a number of ways you can find info on this site.

1. By using the toolbar with your computer mouse running it over the headings which popup more of them to show the layer below.Example If you put your mouse over the word wreck diving you will notice some box’s pop out sideways to show some countries ie Australia and New Zealand.

This enables to you bypass some level to cut down your to get to the wreck or cave.

2.Search box is a great tool to find everything on our database about some info on a wreck or cave with every page connected to them.Example try “tombstones” and you will get maps,gallery,reports and datasheets for this cave.

3.Sitemap is a great page for people with older browsers etc ,who have trouble using the drop down box’s and other tools on the site.It show’s everything including stuff used as default pages to copy code from.So in short it has a link to every page on the database even if it is no completed ie a gallery page with no pics in it but a heading .This has been made ready for info to be put in to save time later.

4. Your notice on a lot of pages there is a little black and yellow fish which you can click on next to heading .this enables you to go up an level if you have view it from the updates page.The reason for this is the “Back” button will not take you to the page above but instead back to updates for example.So if you go to tombstones cave from site map or updates page you cant get to exmouth region page with other caves in the area.If there is not a little fish on page your notice in little green text “au / wa / exmouth / tombstones” below heading this tells you what levels are above.So as you can see “exmouth” is display before “tombstones” so with this you can use tool bar on the left and your mouse to find exmouth by going through cave diving/Aus/WA then exmouth.

5.The Updates page is a great tool if you have been to our site a number of times and only want to see new stuff.this is displayed on the updatespage with a 60 day display period this is tie in with our mailing list so you dont have to check it every day .

6.And finally if you are have trouble still because you are getting not found pages or need other help please email us.

Enjoy our site and hope you can add to it.

Wet Caves and Shipwrecks Australia