How to add info

Note Feb 2017 this page needs updating for new website.

Please email us if you’re not sure what to do.
Some time in 2005 we hope to make it possible for a selected number of people to add info and photos direct to the website by using the admin website.

First step
Is to check the website to see what photos or text info is needed . It may be out of date or there just isn’t any.

Text Info
To stop double postings please check to see if the text is already on the website for that cave or wreck. It may only need correction or updating.

Text sent to us must be plain text, either email or attached as a .txt or word.doc.

Photoshop or Paintshop Pro are best for editing. Be sure to put your name, copyright to photos.

Colour or Black and White photos are to be 300px in width (height not important) and 72dpi. Example

Or like this

Unless the photo is for the Homepage or a Region page. These are 400pix / 72dpi in jpeg format.



Size is not important but we ask they are no bigger than 500kb in file size.unless it is given the all clear by Paul Hosie.(please understand space is limited).

Here is an example how we save space on the server. i.e we zip up a 550kb map for download as zip file which is only 320kb.

Large Colour Sketch Map Download (320kb zip)

Example of a unzip Map

Wet Caves and Shipwrecks Australia